Here at Barbarossa & Bear we have all types of goods for sale. Here is a list of our items;

Barbarossa & Bear

  • Classic Motorcycle and Bike Wrenching Station
  • Motorcycle Apparel, T-shirts and Maintenance Supplies
  • Antique Personal Mining Supplies
  • New Prospecting Supplies, Rock Hounding Tools, Maps and Books
  • Carbide Lamps
  • Survival Supplies
  • Handmade Stone Jewelry
  • Vintage Solid Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • Handmade Quilt



Barbarossa & Bear

  • Pottery
  • Nevada History and Ghost Town Books and Maps
  • Goldfield Books
  • Original Wood Art
  • First-Aid Supplies
  • One of a Kind Soapstone Carvings
  • Nevada Trade Tokens
  • Silver, Copper, Zinc and Brass Bullion and Art bars
  • Goldfield History
  • Topography Maps, Area Maps, USGS
  • Non–Hybrid Seeds


Barbarossa and Bear-Stones

  • Collectible Stone Art
  • Handmade Wood Signs
  • Bicycle Rentals
  • Antique Picture Postcards
  • Dynamo Flashlights and Lanterns
  • Dynamo Radios
  • Antique Collectibles
  • Antique Pocket Watches
  • Goldfield Hotel Collectibles Brass Spittoons
  • Consignments Welcome
  • Hot Coffee and Tea
  • Cold Drinks and Energy Beverages

…and much much more…

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